Understanding The Young Women Shoppers

General Attitude they adopt: Young Women are always sure of what they want and that reflects in their confidence of handling style too. They always like to express themselves by the trendy means of what they wear. Moreover, they are well-aware of the fashion and likely love to shop individually rather than entirely relying on the updates. This is so because their wardrobe is a great extension of their own personality.

  • Shopping approach: It is quite interesting to note that the average time spends by the women to shop is quite a little more than men. Further, they tend to move toward the product that comes in the mid-priced range but gets more in number depending on the items that match their looks and feels the best while wearing it.

  • Personal styling choices: Some prefer urban chic-fashionista model dressing that they think will help them to reflect their up-to-date individual or personal gazes whereas some like to visit the unique independent stores to pick up those that make them stand out from the crowd and everyone appreciate them for their preferred choices. Rest of the ladies prefer formal wearing that goes well with their boots and jeans.

  • Purchasing influences: This factor is further dependent on the points like the quality of the product, rated for a discount, brand name, natural products, impulsive-aspirational buying, social media influence and above all, the practicality.


And for the payment processing debit card or ready cash is usually used when compared to the use of credit payment system.

• Commonly, women under the age of 35 years are the shop lovers. • Comfort factor and family sense: Women always out the best outfits and accessories which make them look pretty and trendy but make it to a point to get things which are really functional or for achieving the real purpose and satisfaction. All these key facts should be taken into consideration while setting up online stores for fashion outfits including accessories.